Turned Out is a personal expression that is energized from the emancipations and repressions of the two disparate worlds upon which Ritu has built her emotional life, rural India and metropolitan US. Reflecting our current social environment where everything is seen in stark polarities: right versus wrong, good versus evil, pluralisms versus bigotry, and democracy versus fascism in unprecedented proportion, Turned Out aspires to witness, explore and embrace the confounding dualities not only around us, but within us too.

Disha is a widow of an Indian undercover cop murdered in a sex trafficking confrontation. Turned Out is a karmic intersection of Disha with her perpetrators and a journey beyond… to redemption. In this journey, her perpetrators and strangers are not so estranged; in fact they’re quite similar to each other.

A Short Written & Directed by

Ritu Singh Pande


George Katt, Salony Luthra, Samrat Chakrabarti, Anya Monzikova